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Consumer behavior and feedback are precious for both small and large enterprises as they give valuable insights about what customers like or dislike and what they expect from the company. However, managing this unstructured data can be tedious for humans and even hard for computers.

Fortunately, Natural Language Processing (NLP) platform can perform this difficult task and can provide you with valuable insights from this unstructured data. Moreover, solving a wide variety of problems through text analysis, sentiment analysis, and topic classification are some other offerings of NLPs.

Nevertheless choosing the best NLP according to your needs is another challenge faced by all researchers, marketers, and enterprises. For all of you who are searching for a reliable NLP, then this article is especially for you. is one of the most effective and the most reliable artificial intelligence-based language processing software. It enables you to get useful information from unstructured data and make better decisions.

To know further about this miraculous platform, keep reading.

What Is is a natural language processing platform with no-code transcription that enables researchers, marketers, and enterprises to obtain valuable insights from your media files.

With this platform, you can capture audio, video, and text data at any scale, get automated and professional transcription and efficiently generate dashboard reports.

You can assess the popularity of the platform with the fact that more than 10,000 companies, marketers, and researchers use to decrease manual labor, build stronger customer relationships, acquire a competitive edge, and make informed decisions.

Interested to try this platform? If yes, then you can get access to a 14-day free trial with all features and 60 minutes of transcription.

Before subscription, let’s see who is it for and why it is one of the most reliable platforms.

Who Is For? have customers belonging to various industries, locations, and job titles. No matter whether you are a marketer, researcher, or work in an enterprise, is equally suitable for you.

You can enjoy the useful insights and innovative solutions offered by if you belong to any of the following categories.

Researcher is employed by researchers belonging to various industries to transcribe, analyze, and publish their research. The platform enables you to obtain automated human transcription whether you are researching as a student or employee of an organization.

All of your data is managed and analyzed in one central place so that you can access it easily. Moreover, it can easily integrate into the prevalent software at the enterprise via standalone services or APIs.

Using this platform will not only save you time and money as a researcher but also enables you to focus on the most important parts of your research, improve data analysis, and publish your research at a faster pace than you have ever imagined before.

Currently, works best for qualitative and mixed-method research techniques. With this platform, you can generate transcriptions from video files, audio files, or URLs in no time. Moreover, considering its sentiment analysis and natural language processing capabilities, it is one of the most powerful research tools in the toolkit of any researcher.

You can even get customized solutions in case of any customized needs.


As a marketer, enables you to upload multiple video, audio, and text files at once and transcribe and analyze this data to generate SEO-friendly content to be used across different channels.

With this platform, you can assess content strategy, analyze competitors, and transform your whole media database into searchable files. This helps you to decrease both the cost and time of content creation and enjoy the advantages of enhanced accessibility in one easy-to-use suite of tools.

Moreover, you can even expand your reach by making your content more accessible. You can also improve your user experience by boosting your SEO experts.

In the case of special use cases, you can even get customized solutions.


You can equally benefit from this artificial intelligence-based language processing platform if you run or belong to an enterprise.

With this platform, you can easily transcribe and analyze the mass volume of media files. Moreover, getting centralized billing, and integrating API to scale your workflow was never as easy as it has become with this platform.

No matter within which industry your enterprise operates you will get scalable speech-to-text solutions, next-level analysis through flawless language processing, and improved accessibility and searchability.

Apart from this, all enterprises enjoy the following competitive offerings

  • The convenience of uploading multiple files
  • Automated transcription
  • One-click approval of multiple transcripts
  • Capability to search different terms within the uploaded media files
  • Trend analysis, sentiment analysis, keyword extraction, and summaries are available within one system

What Type Of Products Are Offered By offers you an amazing and wide product range that is usually not offered by any other language processing platform. Let’s discuss these products in detail

Amazon Review Analysis

This product enables you to review Amazon products in no time. You just have to share the product URL and rest leave everything on will thus give you useful insights into Amazon products.

Automated Transcription

With you get an accurate and automated transcription of all media files. It helps you to focus on other important things and easily share your findings with others.

Competitor analysis

With the experienced team of and the perfect integration of customer support and software, you get expert competitor analysis. Therefore, do not wait and start leveraging your tech to avail opportunities and lead your competitors.

Data Visualization has intuitive software and APIs which allow you to visualize language data without any complex codes. You do not need any kinds of expensive software or tools and you can capture, upload, and clean your data for visualization, generate visualizations, and share these visualizations easily.

Embedded Audio & Video Recorder

Its embedded audio and video recorder allow you to gather data from anywhere at any time. The recorder implementations are very simple and single lines of code so that you can proceed with transcription easily.

With this tool, you can easily create customized libraries of vital codes and create a shareable media repository of all recordings testimonials, and feedback.

Free Analysis Tool also offers you some free analysis tools that help you to analyze and learn from your speech data. These tools include

  • Audio-to-text converter
  • Video-to-text converter
  • Free online audio recorder
  • Free screen recorder
  • Word cloud generator
  • Embeddable recorder
  • Transcript analyzer
  • Text & sentiment analysis


It offers amazing integrations that allow you to integrate the transcribed data with the most popular apps and tools. Some of its integrations include

  • Google sheets
  • Zoom
  • OpenAI
  • You Tube
  • Google Docs
  • Feedly
  • Google Drive
  • Gmail
  • Airtable
  • Slack

Professional Transcription Services promises to provide you with hassle-free and professional transcription services. You will get the transcript of any media file only in a few minutes.

 It guarantees 99% accuracy and you can get your transcript only in 48 hours with its rush services. Moreover, its advanced NLP and AI give you deep insights into your media.

Speak API

This product is still in the documentation stage and will be developed soon.

Why Is the Best Choice – Best Features

Some of the amazing features of that make it the most reliable language processing platform are discussed below

Capture Audio & Video Responses From Anywhere

It offers you a wide variety of ways to capture all important audio and video files no matter whether you need it as a marketer, researcher, or enterprise.

Moreover, its customized embeddable video and audio recorder, the recording app, and the provision to upload all locally stored files make it the most effective language processing software.

Deep Search Tool

Another auspicious feature of this amazing platform is its deep search tool. There is a built-in powerful search tool within the app. This tool enables you to find the exact information for which you are looking for.

Secure & Private respects the privacy of every client. This is the reason all processes of this platform are HIPPA compliant. The platform ensures to the preservation of the confidentiality of all media files and also enables you to retain ownership of your content.

Effective Media Management

No matter how many audio or video files you have for transcription, allows you to upload and manage the whole media library in one place. Moreover, you can find the shared content across files.

Automate Workflow integrates easily with the majority of your favorite app, therefore, you can easily automate your workflow.

Some of its integrations include Zapier, Zoom, Google Chrome, Vimeo, and much more. These integrations even eliminate the need of hiring expensive developers or data scientists, thus enabling you to transcribe your media files cost-effectively.

Offer Useful Insights

It enables you to get useful insights from unstructured language data. No matter whether you need valuable insights from the data as a marketer or researcher or you have to take a vital decision based on the data within the media files, will never regret you.

Share Findings & Make Informed Decisions also generates powerful research repositories automatically which help you to do deep searches, visualize data, playback media, and many other incredible functions that are never seen in any other language processing platform.

Some other competitive technologies offered by this platform are professional and automatic transcription, sentiment analysis, and natural language processing so that you remain competitive within the market.

Multiple Export Format

Exporting files from is not a problem. Once your media file is transcribed, you can easily export it in any frequently used format via its interactive player.

APIs & Integrations

It offers matchless APIs and integrations. It is because of these integrations that you as a researcher, marketer, or enterprise cannot only enhance your existing workflow but also automate it significantly.

Consequently, you are capable of doing your work in a cost and time-effective manner.

Pricing plans of

It offers flexible and transparent pricing plans to fit your varying needs and preferences. There is an option for monthly or yearly billing in all plans and you can select the option that suits you.  Let’s see what type of pricing plans are offered by


This package is perfect for those who want to get started with If you are interested to get this package then you will have to pay only $8 per month.

The features offered within this package include all basic features and one user. The basic features include audio, video, and text capture from anywhere, data visualization, advanced analysis, professional transcription services, customizable and sharable media repository, naive integrations, and developer access.


This package is perfect for those who possess customized needs. No matter whether you are a researcher, marketer, or enterprise, if you have custom needs then mix and match your needs through this plan is perfect for you.

You will be billed annually in this plan and you will get quotes from according to your needs.

In this plan, you can pick only those features which suit your needs. Moreover, you can also enjoy unlimited hours and unlimited users.


For all of you who want to have a powerful package for language analysis, then this plan is made for them.

You will have to pay $468 per month and you will get 120 hours upfront, 5 additional team members, and all premium add-ons. The premium add-ons include advanced export options, custom insights & categories, bulk editing, individual media sharing, shareable media repository, and white-label solutions.

Is It Worth Spending – Pros & Cons

  • Top-rated customer support
  • Can capture audio and video responses from anywhere
  • Unleash deep insights from your language data
  • Enables you to make better and more informed decisions
  • Automate your workflow
  • Offers good integrations
  • GOTO does not work well
  • Expensive for the majority of people

What Are People Saying - Customer Reviews has received positive customer reviews not only on its official website but also across third-party websites including Trustpilot, G2, Capterra, and TrustRadius.

All users using this platform are completely satisfied with the performance of With this platform, giving life to data and finding information is no longer difficult. Moreover, whether you use this platform as an enterprise, marketer, or researcher, the administrative labor is significantly reduced.

Considering the valuable insights provided by the platform, all users have strongly recommended this platform and reported a high level of satisfaction.

How It Supports Its Clients - Customer Support

The team of respects the needs and priorities of all customers. This is the reason that they strive hard and work closely with customers to bring improvements to their services.

You can contact the customer support team of at any time from anywhere. The customer support unit of values its all customers equally and ensures that none of its customers feel either frustrated or left behind.

Final Words - Conclusion

To conclude, is one of the most effective and reliable NLP for converting unstructured data into useful information. No matter whether you are a researcher, marketer, or run an enterprise, this platform enables you to transcribe any kind of media file from anywhere.

Moreover, its outstanding integrations allow you to not only streamline the workflow but also automate it significantly. You even do not need to hire any data scientist or developer. Thus, it enables you to manage all kinds of media files in both time and cost-effective manner.

Meta Description: is one of the best natural language processing platforms as it enables you to transcribe, manage, and share all kinds of media files very effectively in a cost and time-efficient manner.