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AdCreative Review: The Best Ads Generating AI Platform

AdCreative Review: The Best Ads Generating Platform – A Detailed Review

The advertising industry has experienced miraculous changes with the emergence of Artificial Intelligence(AI). Whether it is a matter of target audience segmentation or resonating the Ads with the target audience, AI-based tools help to generate high-performance Ads in no time.

The AI-based generation of creative Ads and banners not only saves the time of digital marketers but also helps them to enhance their presence across all social media platforms at affordable rates. Moreover, it also helps them to focus on more important things for their business expansion.

You must be wondering where to find the most reliable and trustworthy AI-based Ad creation software. Then this article has covered everything for you.

AdCreative is the first-ever AI-based software that promises to generate high-performing Ads that enable businesses to enhance their sales and revenue in a few days.

Are you interested to revolutionise your business with this platform? Then keep reading.

What Is AdCreative?

AdCreative has been launched in 2021 to change your best prospects into buyers. Realizing the fact that businesses while growing often find difficulties in preserving their connection with the target audience.

This is the reason that the majority of businesses face the challenge of generating ads with content that is both creative and coherent with the growth of the business.

However, generating high-performance and result-focused Adcreatives is no longer a challenge for businesses. Since AdCreative has been generated after extensive research for 12 months has enabled businesses to generate AI-backed and data-driven Adcreatives in no time.

Let’s explore it further and see who can use this platform.

Who Is AdCreative For?

Any one of you who wants to have high-conversion and high-performance Adcreatives can use this platform.

Some of the categories that can benefit the most from this platform are discussed below


Firstly, it is perfect for all types of startups as it enables them to save 90% of the time and cost spent on design and focus on creatives with 14 times better conversion rates. Moreover, these creatives allow you to impress your clients as well.

Moreover, the platform allows you to test the winning creative capable of pushing your creative to the next level at a faster pace. This is the reason startups using this platform grow at a faster pace as compared to others within the market.


The platform is equally suitable for individuals or companies dealing in E-Commerce. With AdCreative, you can create customized banners and creatives for your whole product catalog through its machine-leaning model.

Like Startups, any of you dealing in E-Commerce get 14 times better conversion rates, save 90% of the cost and time, and impress all of your clients significantly.

Marketing Agencies

Like others, the marketing agencies also benefit from 14 times better conversion rates and a 95% improved ClickThrough Rate(CTR). Consequently, the agencies not only give better results to their clients but also decreased their workload significantly.

Moreover, the agencies can offer their clients hundreds of high-quality Adcreatives and onboard all of your clients. The innovative designs and speed of generating creatives all play an essential role in generating leads and rising revenues for your agency.

How Does AdCreative Work? uses both AI Deep Learning(DL) and Machine Learning(ML) to consistently improve and adapt to the continuously changing digital economy. All of these AI models enable you to stay ahead of your competitors through high-performing and high-converting Ads.

All you have to do is to upload your text and graphics, add brand colors, attach your advertising account to this platform, and leave the rest on

The AI-powered engine of AdCreative has access to more than 200,000 ad accounts and millions of consumer data points. Data is the fundamental drive for how AI learns and adapts to your ads.

AI allows you to analyze these data points to comprehend why some AdCreative works and how to design the size of fonts, texts, backgrounds, color saturation, and many more. All of this information is employed to generate templates while continuously adapting to maximize the return on investment for advertisers.

Since its creation, the platform has traced the progress of more than millions of Ads and banners. Similarly, you can also benefit from this platform and enhance your revenue by improving lead generation.

What Makes AdCreative Different From Others – Best Features of AdCreative

Some of the most competitive features of AdCreative that make it an amazing platform to increase your sales and revenue are discussed below

Generate Creatives

Creating high-converting and high-performing generatives has become the easiest task with this platform. You can create thousands of creatives in no time.

The unique AI-based platform allows you to generate creatives with improved conversion rates and CTAs, thus enabling you to convert the majority of prospective clients into buyers.

Moreover, the creatives generated by this platform are designed with the help of pre-designed templates which saves both time and cost spent on the designing process.

You can even post these creatives confidently on any of the social media platforms as they are equally suitable for all of them.

Generate Text & Headlines

Another amazing feature offered by AdCreative is that it promises to provide you with your personal copywriter.

The copywriter will allow you to generate texts and headlines that will give a professional look to your Ads and enable you to convince your target audience.

Moreover, the professional copywriter offered by AdCreative allows you to write texts and headlines in any language and you can post these Ads on any of the social media platforms.

Offer Creative Insights

With AdCreative, all of your creatives are supported by data. All you have to do is connect your advertising account to and it will show you the 10 best-performing Ads.

Moreover, the data-backed creatives offer you deep insights into what is working and why. Thus, you can easily select the winning creative and increase your sales and revenue significantly.

Generate Social Posts

The AI tools in AdCreative allow you to generate the most engaging and creative social posts for any kind of social media platform in no time.

No matter whether you want to design social media posts for Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or Pinterest, AdCreative will turn out to be your best partner. There is no restriction about size, font, design, or tone as the AI tools of AdCreative take care of everything and promises to provide you with the most professional creatives only in a few moments.

Moreover, the design and content of the post are appealing and engaging enough to attract a wide range of customers to your products.

How AdCreative Treats Its Customers – Customer Support

AdCreative offers consistent and flawless support to its customers 24/7. You can contact them any time for either technical or any other kind of issue either through email or phone.

AdCreative has also provided detailed terms and conditions for its customers as well. The terms and conditions discuss billing and payments, subscriptions, fee changes, free trial, refunds, content, prohibited uses, accounts, intellectual property rights, interruption in services, duration of access to services, and much more.

Thus, AdCreative respects and values all its customers’ needs equally and assures that you get consistent and reliable services anytime and anywhere.

For more details, you can visit AdCreative Customer Support

What People Are Saying About It – Customer Reviews

The customers of AdCreative have reported a high level of satisfaction after using this platform. The platform has not only received positive reviews on the official website of AdCreative but is also considered one of the most reliable AI tools on G2, TrustPilot, Get App, and Product Hunt.

Reviewing different customer reviews on third-party websites has further indicated that AdCreative is considered a 2022 leader by G2 and the second-best product by Product Hunt.

The customers have especially applauded the ability to test the best creative and generate thousands of creatives in no time, thus saving time and resources.

Some of the customers have also reported that the ads created through this platform have enabled them to convert the majority of prospective leads into sales and enable them to achieve a competitive edge within the market.

Pricing Plans of AdCreative

AdCreative offers two different types of pricing plans. These pricing plans fulfill your needs whether you have just started your business or you have a professional setup.

The details of these plans are discussed below


This plan is perfect for businesses that have just started. You as a starter have different options. For instance, you can adopt a starter, premium, ultimate, or scale-up plan according to your needs and preferences. The cost of these options ranges from $29-149 per month.

There are some basic features that are present in all plans. These features include unlimited generations, integrations with your favorite tools, unlimited stack images, a text generator, and creative insights.

On the other hand, the features which differentiate these options are the number of credits, number of brands, and number of users. As the name indicates you will get the maximum number of credits, users, and brands in the scaleup plan.

Therefore, as a starter, you can have the opportunity to choose from four different options according to your needs and enjoy the expansion of your startup.


The second plan offered by AdCreative is a professional plan and as the name indicates it is perfect for professionals. You as a professional are also provided with four different options like starters.

The options are starter, premium, ultimate, and custom. The cost of these options ranges from $189-399 per month. Whereas, in the case of customs, you have to contact AdCreative to get customized quotations according to your needs.

Like the starter plan, the basic features are present in all options and the number of credits, brands, and users differentiate the options.

In comparison to the starter plan, all options under the professional plan offer a greater number of credits, brands, and users as the professional needs are different from starter needs.

Currently, the platform is offering 25% off on all packages and this offer is valid 25th February 2023. Moreover, there is also a provision of a 100% free trial for 7 days. Once you are comfortable with its services, then you can adopt any of the packages that suit you.

Is It Legit – Pros & Cons

  • Offers high-performing and result-focused Adcreatives
  • Save both time and resources in designing creative Adcreatives
  • Offer templates with seamless designs and possesses a quick text generator
  • It is highly scalable as you can generate a large number of creatives in no time
  • Enables you to focus on more important things
  • Allows you to increase your leads and revenue
  • Offers you useful data insights to understand what type of Ads work better than others
  • Promises effective collaborations across teams
  • Integrates perfectly with many of your favorite apps and tools
  • It is expensive for small businesses
  • Limited customization options for fulfilling the marketing and branding goals
  • Data for generating the AdCreative is sometimes not updated according to the target audience
  • Increasing chances of errors or mistakes as it is an AI-based tool
  • The increased reliance on technology for generating Ads may disturb the whole campaign in case of any technology glitches

Final Verdict - Conclusion

To conclude, AdCreative is one of the most reliable and trustworthy AI-based platforms to generate high-performance and result-focused Ads. These Ads are not only supported by data but also provide you with useful insights.

The best-performing and high-converting Ads not only enable you to save your time and cost but also give you 14 times better conversion rates. Apart from this, you will also enjoy 95% CTA which will definitely increase ROI for your business.

Therefore, no matter whether you have a startup, marketing agency, or deal in E-Commerce, AdCreative can turn out to be your best partner for designing the most effective campaigns that will not only increase your social media presence but also convert nearly all of your prospective customers into buyers.

Meta Description: AdCreative is one of the best AI-based platforms to generate high-performing and high-converting ads for your startups, e-commerce, or marketing agencies.