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Seamless ai Review: Why it is the World’s Best Sales Leads?

Lead generation is one of the most important parts of the business as it involves increasing sales and revenue. A recent estimate has indicated that more than 68% of B2B companies use lead generation software for improving the sales of their businesses.

Nowadays with the changing trends in the market, numerous lead generation software is present for both entrepreneurs and enterprises. However, selecting the one according to your needs can be a tedious task for you.

For all of you who are either tired of the delayed performance of your sales team or want to upgrade your sales team, this article has covered everything for you.

After doing meticulous research of hours and considering customer reviews, we have come up with the world’s best and most reliable sales prospecting software i.e.,

Interested to boom your sales and revenue with this search engine? Then read till the end.

What is refers to a real-time search engine that enables B2B companies to find reliable sales leads which enable them to reach the right prospects, close more leads, and increase revenue.

The purpose of this search engine is to help professionals across the world to generate new opportunities, relationships, and revenue faster than ever before.

The basic drive behind formulating this search engine was to create great lives for great people. This guiding principle governs every decision regarding clients, employees, partners, and supporters.

You must be wondering how will this all happen. Worry not we we have covered every aspect of for you, so, keep reading.

Who is for? is one of the best sales prospecting software whose purpose is to help every professional across the world.

With this innovative software, all professionals whether working alone, within a startup, or in an enterprise can easily build new relationships, cash all possible opportunities, and enhance revenue at a faster pace you have never dreamed of.

The core principle behind all competitive offerings of is to offer great lives for great people. Moreover, the platform provides extended support to all professionals worldwide.

How Does work?

With you can connect to millions of opportunities very easily and observe the positive impact on your business in no time. This is because envisions maximizing the potential of every professional worldwide. Let’s see how this search engine works.

Do you find relationship-building difficult, fragmented, and labor-intensive? Or are you tired of the costly and opaque process of prospecting? Then worry not, today I will share an amazing search engine that will lay off all of your frustration.

With this search engine, you no longer have to face any frustration due to obsolete technology, data, and information entry that may turn off your employees. is one of the most reliable search engines that offer a seamless way to connect to your target market, obtain new clients, and build profitable relationships in a hassle-free manner.

Let me reveal the secret behind the miraculous performance of this search engine. employs multiple data points that operate on artificial intelligence to crawl via the web in real-time to find, verify, and validate an individual’s contact information.

Whenever you search with, the sales software washes the public web in real-time and pulls the most recent and freshest contact data that may help you in building sales.

Why Seamless Stands Out From The Crowd – Features of

Some of the startling features of that make it stand out from the crowd are discussed below

Simplify the Sales Prospecting

The first feature that has made this search engine very popular is its ability to simplify the process of sales prospecting. It helps you to connect directly with ideal customers so that you can build a sales pipeline, shorten the sales cycle, and close more deals.

The powerful firmographic filters and business insights enable you to discover target accounts quite easily. With this innovative search engine, you can crush your sales quota, enhance sales rep productivity by 45%, and close more deals.


Once you have subscribed to then be sure that you will have accuracy upon which you can rely confidently. You can fuel your GTM engine with accurate email addresses, direct dials, and B2B cell phones.

The sales prospecting software will enable you to increase your revenue by connecting directly with buyers, verifying data in real-time, and determining your buyer’s needs by getting hidden intelligence.

Maximize Activity & Output

With this search engine, you will get all information and tools to engage with the right buyers at right time. This helps you to generate more ROI and gain a competitive edge within the market.

The customers have reported that this sales prospecting software helps to increase activity by three times and bookings by ten times. Moreover, you can connect with your dream customers at five times more impressive close rates.

Additionally, the software also ensures efficiency within your working procedures and enables you to save three hours per day per rep.

Track Job Changes

With, you will remain up-to-date on job changes and detect all important career moves instantly.

Moreover, this feature allows you to use job changes company-wide and generate new sales opportunities by reducing the churn risk significantly.

Automate Lead Generation

Just like Tesla which built autopilot for cars, has built autopilot for sales prospecting. The autopilot feature allows your marketing and sales team to automate the whole process of list building and get a competitive edge.

By saving time and resources, you and your team will be able to attract the most suitable leads, pump up conversion rates, and acquire greater ROI.

Enrich Your Data

With you do not have to worry about data decay which is one of the major problems with traditional methods.

The data enrichment feature of this sales prospecting software enables you to keep both new and existing contacts up to date. Having enriched and up-to-date means more leads and more revenue.

No matter whether you are using ATS, CSV, or CRM, provides accurate data and enriches it across all tech stacks.

Buyer Intent Data

One of the most auspicious features of is buyer intent data. This feature offers you more than 12,000 intent signals and you can select any of the signals and get the world’s best sales leads at an insanely faster pace.

By empowering your sales team, you can unlock the huge potential of buyer intent data through three ways

  • Align marketing and sales effort in the right direction by identifying the cross-sell opportunities and reducing churn
  • Identify ready-to-buy accounts
  • Speed up the sales cycle and close the accounts at the fastest speed

The companies using this feature have reported a 43% increase in deal size and the sales rep observed a lift of 38% in closed opportunities.

Pitch Intelligence believes that your first impression is the last one, therefore, with pitch intelligence, you become capable enough to deliver the right message at the right time to the right person.

Instead of a salesperson, you will get trusted advisors that will help you to increase the chances of making a deal via perfect pitches.

Moreover, its technographic gives you useful insights into different tools used by your prospects. You will get all information when they are using what and for which purpose. This information helps you to tailor your pitches and increases the chances of closing deals.

Chrome Extensions

The platform also allows you an easy-to-install chrome extension. It will take only a few seconds to install and enables you to access all relevant information at any time anywhere.

With this extension, you are only one click away from your prospective deals and you can identify and verify key contact data in real-time.


Once you subscribe to this plan, you do not have to bounce back and forth between your favorite tools. Since it integrates seamlessly with all of your favorite tools.

You can easily export all company information and B2B contact to your favorite tech stack in a single click. The integrations of include

  • Salesforce
  • Hubspot
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Outreach
  • SalesLoft
  • Chrome Extension
  • Zoho
  • Keap
  • Pipedrive
  • Greenhouse
  • Zapier
  • Insightly
  • GoogleSheets
  • Close
  • SugarCRM
  • Freshsales

Pricing plans of offers different pricing plans according to your pocket and needs. Let’s have a look at these plans.


This package is suitable for those who are new to this search engine and interested to try the services offered by this search engine.

As the name indicates, you do not have to pay any fee for this plan. And the features included in this plan include 50 credits, cell phones, email addresses, a real-time search engine, enterprise compliance & security, basic integrations, and export downloads. Moreover, you will also get support features including email support and a self-serve knowledge base.


This package is best suitable for those individuals or enterprises who are interested in getting started with

You can try this package for free. Once your trial ends, then you will have to pay $147 per month. You can also choose to be billed yearly.

By subscribing to this plan, you will not only enjoy the features offered in the free plan but also get 250 credits per month and an opportunity for training on using the search engine through live webinars.


It is one of the most popular packages and it is best for individuals or enterprises who are interested in seeking premium products and additional credits.

To know how much you have to pay for this package you have to contact the salesperson. Apart from the features offered in the basic plan, subscribing to this plan will enable you to enjoy daily cash refresh, pitch intelligence, unlimited integrations, and a free admin seat.

Moreover, you also do not need to worry about the change management process as with this plan you will get advanced features to manage the change process. Furthermore, this package also includes autopilot, job changes, data enrichment, buyer intent data, and whatnot.


This plan is perfect for enterprises that have extensive working teams and they need dedicated support. To know the price of this package, you have to contact the sales team.

In this package, apart from the basic and support features offered in the Pro plan, you will also get custom credits per user. Moreover, you will also enjoy live chat support, an onboarding specialist, a dedicated success manager, phone support, and quarterly business review.

How Supports Its Customers – 24/7 Customer Support offers flawless customer support to all of its customers. No matter whether you are a large business enterprise, a fast-growing startup, or an entrepreneur, promises to provide you with seamless support.

The customer support team of supports you on your journey by enabling you to focus on what really matters, achieve your goals with the help of success managers, and remain agile while building workflows.

For your convenience, the customer support team has clearly defined the scope of their support as well so customers exactly know what kind of support they can avail from this platform.

The support from can either be in the form of self-help resources or comprehensive guidance from experts.

The support includes

  • Same-day response time
  • Interactive training webinars on a daily basis
  • Best practices to integrate your favorite tools
  • Solving troubleshooting problems
  • Solving user management issues

The support does not constitute

  • Forming customer integrations
  • Performing administration tasks
  • Advice or insight on data compliance

Thus you can contact anytime and either talk to the salesperson via email or get support from the support unit.

Is it Worth Spending – Pros & Cons

  • It is one of the best tools to enrich your contacts
  • Helps to shorten your sales cycle
  • Enables you to spend more time on selling instead of building sales and prospecting lists
  • Integrates easily with your favorite platforms
  • Increase your productivity and effectiveness by reducing the need for manual data entry
  • The contacts are not downloadable in a different order
  • Downloaded contacts showing in the search query complicate the entire process
  • The zip code radius feature is missing

What Are People Saying - Customer Reviews possess a huge customer base of more than 300,000 people and all customers have posted positive reviews not only on the official website of the platform but also on third-party websites like G2, Trustpilot, Trustradius, and Software Advice.

All customers using this search engine are fully satisfied with its performance and classified this software as legit and worth spending. The customers highlighted that this platform adds true value to your business through its innovative templates, sales scripts, and much more.

The customers have also highlighted that this search engine has enabled them to make record sales and increase their revenue at a pace they had never dreamed of.

Therefore, all customers have strongly recommended this platform to both entrepreneurs and enterprises as this search engine promises to change their lives by skyrocketing sales in only a few days.

Final Words - Conclusion

To conclude, is the world’s best sales prospecting software. It provides you with all tools and resources to connect with the most suitable contacts at right time.

Moreover, it not only enables you to automate the lead generation process and save time and resources but also gives useful insights about your potential clients so that you can tailor your pitch accordingly.

Thus, promises to provide you with seamless support to shorten your sales cycle and increase your ROI significantly.